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    • By Jeff Smith
    • August 15, 2018

    Ryding through the PGA Championship

    Looking a little like the old Tiger, Woods made a move at the PGA Championship this past weekend but ended in 2nd, behind Brooks Koepka.  Tiger is still likely to play in the Ryder Cup, though it’s still up to Jim Furyk, Team USA’s Captain.  The first of his at-large picks will be announced September 4th.

    Speaking of Golf

    Ever wondered why in the hell anyone would invent this game.  We love this explanation by none other than the late great Robin Williams.  (Be Warned – if you’re at work, use headphones)

    Greatest Golf Movie

    If the question was “most quoted golf movie”, we all know Caddyshacks wins that hands-down, but we want to know what golf movie you think is the best.  Sadly, there are really only five good golf movies – Caddyshack, Tin Cup, Happy Gilmore, Bagger Vance and Greatest Game Ever Played.

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