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  • What is Toosent all about?

    • By Jeff Smith
    • July 17, 2018

    Seems like we’re inundated with opinions from every angle, and yet somehow we forgot they’re just OPINIONS. At Toosent, we’re making opinions fun, interesting and even thought provoking. They don’t need to divide friends, families and a nation.

    What can Toosent do for you?

    • Ever wondered what “statistical significance” or “sample size” means? We’ll help you!
    • Curious what your friends think about a specific topic? We’re making that easy!
    • Just want to voice your opinion on a bunch of interesting, funny and inane (not insane) questions, go ahead, answer away.
    • Want to stay up-to-date so you can strike up conversations?

    How do I begin?

    • You can just start answering questions.
    • If you want to start asking questions, then register.
    • Once registered, you can follow a question by clicking on the star. 
    • At any time, you can select “My Surveys” to see updated results.


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